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Masport petrol garden shredders are ideal for successful recycling of organic waste. The chipper will break down branches up to 50mm, creating fine mulch that's perfect for composting.

Masport 6.5HP Shredder/Chipper


Effortlessly powered by the 196cc Loncin engine, the chipper and flail blade system quickly break down branches into a fine mulch that's perfect for composting. Masport Chipper Shredders are built strong with a heavy steel frame and large safe chute. The drive system is run by a V-Belt rather than a direct drive system. This design is more tolerant to impact and unnecessary overload on the drive system and engine.

  • Powered by Loncin 196cc OHV engine

  • Double chipper blades

  • Larger branches can be fed through the 50mm x 50mm side chute

  • 9 flail hammer blades

  • Weeds and other garden materials are reduced to a fine mulch so they can't regenerate

  • Safe and reliable

  • 4 Year Warranty




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